Tips to Get Ready for the Spring Market

Posted by Sandy Smith on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 2:17pm.


So far this winter we have endured a polar vortex with the coldest temperatures in 20 years, and now another winter advisory has been issued for heavy snow.

This weather has us missing those warm summer days for sure but really these wintery days present a great opportunity to do those indoor projects that you have probably been putting off for some time now.

We thought that since many of you are cooped up this weekend we would give you a list of indoor projects that can help your home sell quickly in the spring market if you do decide to list.

  1. Do a Walk Around- get a notepad and pen, start at the front door, close your eyes and pretend you are a home inspector. Now do a thorough walkthrough and take note of everything you notice that doesn’t function exactly the way it is supposed to. Some things to look for would be wiggly handles, nonfunctioning electrical outlets, cracked trim, holes in the walls and more. We bet if you did that walkthrough you would certainly find enough to keep you busy for the afternoon.

  2. Paint - a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Instead of the marks left behind from 10 years of hallway traffic and indoor fetch with the dog - prospective buyers will see crisp walls that indicate the home has been well maintained. When picking out colors try to stick to neutral colors so that buyers can easily imagine creating their own space, similar to how artists see blank canvases.

  3. Upgrade Lighting - putting in new lighting can create an impressive ambiance that buyers will want to be in. Many high end department stores do hours and hours of research about what light makes consumers more likely to buy. Try adapting that same mindset as you do a lighting audit on your home.

  4. Clean your Furnace - Most homes are equipped with forced air furnaces that are powered by natural gas or propane. It is always important to make sure that these units are well maintained and cared for because they really are the lifeblood of your home, especially in the wintertime. Routine cleaning and a filter change can go a long way! If you don’t feel comfortable taking on this task be sure to reach out to a certified HVAC Technician.

  5. Do a thorough Deep Clean- we saved the least fun item for last. No one likes deep cleaning but it is really important to declutter and deep clean before you list. Some great places to deep clean are behind the stove and refrigerator, the garage, and other low traffic areas. If you do this in the winter you will be thanking yourself in the Spring because as we all know when it warms up life gets busy!

We hope this gives you a few things to think about, stay warm and stay safe.

-Sandy and The Lakeshore Real Estate Team


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